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Why live within a managed precinct?

Over the last 2 years, many families have learned the value of living within a secure, managed precinct that provides convenience, security and an outdoor environment to be free in. Now, when seeking new properties, it is imperative to consider these factors whether for your own family or how it will add value as your investment. Within these factors, living in a managed precinct further improves your quality of living. A Management Association is responsible for taking care of many of the day-to-day elements which create a positive experience for all residents and visitors and ultimately adds immeasurable value to your property investment.

A managed precinct like Sibaya works towards creating safe, accessible, and usable spaces, places and experiences for people. The Sibaya Precinct Master Management Association (SPMMA) is responsible for managing the public open space within Sibaya, and a portion of its surrounds, and takes care of elements like safety and security, and the cleaning and the greening of areas.


The SPMMA has teams of professionals who tirelessly work to ensure that Sibaya is safe, clean and usable thereby setting a new benchmark for managed precincts in South Africa. The final product is the combined effort and energy of many small elements each working towards the common goal. The precinct management is thorough, ongoing, and responsive and includes many day-to-day activities in its scope.

In terms of men on the ground, the management association has permanent teams which take care of the forest belt, a portion of the beach and the M4 and also the precinct security. While the SPMMA is not responsible for the provision and maintenance of municipal services, it does have a key role to play in ensuring that these services can continue uninterrupted. As one recognised entity, the SPMMA is able to engage with the Municipality directly thereby creating a strong partnership that serves the greater good. The SPMMA oversees the drainage on a section of the M4 highway, as well as the clearing of litter. This association is also responsible for the clearing, cleaning, and conservation of the 350-hectare coastal forest belt, as well as daily clearing of litter off the beaches between Umhlanga and Umdloti.

A managed precinct retains its value and liveability better and for longer than another precinct which does not have a cohesive and professional management association behind it. The experience of Sibaya has to be a good one, and effective and proactive precinct management is required in order to make this a reality. Ultimately everyone benefits from a well-managed precinct; property owners will see the value of their properties increase, and the desirability of the precinct will continue to grow. The more Sibaya offers and the better the experience of it is, the more it will attract investment which also serves to increase the value of property in the long-term, and position KZN as South Africa’s most desirable province for investment.




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