Sibaya Coastline

Triple layered security living in Sibaya

Many people worry about security features when looking for the ideal home in any sought-after area. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct creates a triple layer of security for those who have invested in already secure estates within the area.

Through the assistance of the Sibaya Precinct Master Management Association, an independent security company has been assigned to ensure the safety of residents, businesses and visitors.

With the Sibaya Coastal Precinct being new to the KwaZulu-Natal landscape, it gives professionals the opportunity to create a secure, carefree lifestyle – something many areas in KwaZulu-Natal have not experienced at all. In South Africa, the private security sector is thriving with over 9000 registered security businesses across the country. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct has engaged with trusted, independent teams within KwaZulu-Natal to ensure residents, businesses and visitor’s safety is top of mind.

“We also have security presence in the forest and on the beach, which has shown significant improvement. Residents now have the opportunity to walk down through the forest to the beach and also go for a walk along the beach in a very comfortable and safe environment,” shares Gray Braatvedt, Precinct Manager.

The security teams have introduced patrol units and CCTV cameras throughout the precinct to ensure that the area is under surveillance. Those who live within the area will enjoy feeling free and at ease to explore the various nature-inspired scenery.

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