The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is now a reality

Historically, cities were a thing which evolved organically over many decades, even over centuries. Today, cities are plotted, planned and mapped out long before the first sod of earth is even turned. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is an unimaginable dream which is now made real. Cane lands have become the place of high-end homes and swathes of sand have made way for the new roads of tomorrow.

As a city of the future, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct development team has had the advantage of planning and curating the precinct where form follows function and accessibility is top priority. Establishing quick and seamless routes to one’s home and surrounding amenities is an important factor to consider for many, and in this case, has informed the layout of the precinct and how it will unfold. Accessibility lends a high degree of convenience, while it is underpinned by roads and routes designed to accommodate people and vehicles safely and simultaneously.

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct may determine new routes within its confines; however this new city also has easy and hassle-free access to two of the main Durban highways, the M4 and N2. These routes feed into established business centres and suburbs within Durban.

What was once fields of untouched sugar cane, is fast becoming a dynamic city lifestyle, where everything you need is conveniently on your doorstep from education facilities, a sport complex, retail and commercial offerings, retirement and residential living to a prominent medical presence.

Invest Sibaya presents the opportunity to be at the forefront of the change happening in this future city and further provide you with first insight into the new opportunities arising prior to public release.


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