The introduction of schools within Sibaya

The three important amenities every node needs to account for is the introduction of medical suites or hospitals, business premises and the introduction of good quality schools. These are the foundations of what makes a precinct successful or not. Within Sibaya, the Advtech Group has earmarked Sibaya as one of the areas this renowned education organisation hopes to introduce school and university facilities.

Who is AdvTech Group?

If you are not familiar with AdvTech Group is considered a high-quality organisation in education, training and placement. They are renowned for their academic excellence throughout the country in both schools and tertiary offerings. This Group has been around since 1909 and through the years has grown from strength to strength, making a significant impact on the education system.

Why Sibaya?

As the city of the future, it is only fitting for a pioneering, private and forward-thinking organisation such as AdvTech to earmark Sibaya as one of their next areas to penetrate. In a North Courier news interview, AdvTech Group Properties Executive, Vongani Mbhokota stated, “The Sibaya Coastal Precinct site has been selected as it is becoming an extensive development node and the developers together with ADvTECH believe that a school within the node will be very necessary to service this community (as well as the surrounding region) which will be growing considerably in the coming years.”

Future schools for Sibaya

Sibaya is set to have an AdvTech school and tertiary facility within the area. The construction of a 2 000-student AdvTech school is planned for Node 5 within Sibaya and the University is also planned with construction projected to start in 2021.

The Sibaya node will most definitely benefit having such a strong education brand pioneering the education system within this node. As construction gets underway in due course, we will be sure to keep you updated with the transformation Sibaya is undertaking.



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