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Tech and property – how it’s changing the way we purchase property

The world is moving further towards complete digitisation. E-commerce being a prime example that has been adopted by many industries from telecommunications to your average bespoke clothing boutique; anyone who’s anyone, is online and trying to thrive in the online space.

While quite late to the party, the property industry has slowly begun to fully embrace the benefits of online marketing with the introduction of online tools and methods.  Traditionally, the real estate and property industry focused highly on face-to-face interaction and relationship management. Being one of the most important purchases for a first-time buyer, individuals valued the ability to meet in person and communicate with the personnel involved in their future purchase.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided an example of breaking traditions where many investors took the leap and opted to virtually purchase, by taking advantage of the online interactive maps, online shop fronts and efficient online communication with homebuyers. Through the use of online education and other facilities, its now easier than ever to become a homeowner thanks to this ongoing revolution.

Technology in property has helped the real estate market with faster transactions and reduced paperwork as a result of many factors now being online, leaving little interaction left to complete in person. While it is advised to always speak to your conveyancer or attorney, this can also be done by using online communication such as video calls and good old-fashioned emails.

Taking over the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, Invest Sibaya has brought to life an online world that gives you clear insight into the area, all online. Through their interactive map, investor insights and ability to register your interest in the precinct, you have the upper hand when it comes to upcoming property within this sought-after area.




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