The Sibaya Coastal Precinct’s natural assets

Over the years, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct has undergone several changes to the landscape. With a prime interest in conservation and sustainability of the natural offerings, the key principles of sustainability and rejuvenation aim to make these rich natural assets accessible to all.

Caring for the Sibaya Coastal Precinct’s natural heritage comes about by inspiring people’s interest in the natural wonders of the precinct, thereby creating unofficial custodians for the conservation of this precinct. The natural assets of the precinct are also under the curatorship of several entities, whose sole goal is to upgrade, protect, conserve and manage these areas.

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is designed to allow both residents and visitors to interact and engage with many of the natural facets within this mega precinct. As a precinct spanning over 1000 hectares, the vast natural landscape includes beaches and coastline, dune forest and wetlands.

Protecting nature means prioritising nature, and Sibaya’s green spaces account for 60% of the entire precinct. These green spaces, which include coastline, forest and wetlands, have been declared as no-development zones. Sibaya will encompass 75-kilometres of trails, walkways and boardwalk which are deliberately designed for pedestrian access. Between the oHlanga to the eMdloti estuaries, is 6.5 kilometres of beach frontage.

As a key connector within the precinct, the forest will provide access to the beach front as well as other parts of Sibaya. The access into the forest from the residential developments in Sibaya will be strictly controlled and secure. Aside from cleaning the forest and creating ways to access it, the aim is to leave the forest as untouched as possible. As a managed area, supplemented by access control and a guard presence, the safe 350-hectare is virtually an extension of your back yard at Sibaya. This amazing asset will fascinate people from all walks of life and provides a unique opportunity for children to explore and learn. Outdoor activity enthusiasts will enjoy the network of interconnected routes which are ideal for running, walking and biking. With an unbelievable abundance of bird species, the forest will also include bird hides where birders can observe these creatures in their natural habitat.

The Sibaya coastal dune forest is an important facet of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct. It connects the many nodes within the estate, provides passage to various natural amenities like the beach and it also serves as a symbol for Sibaya’s conservation ethos. The conservation and protection of this natural asset is what adds unfathomable value and will continue to add value to Sibaya for years to come.



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