Property becomes a sure-fire investment in the current climate

The adage of location, location, location rings true in 2020. Well-planned, holistic, and future-facing precincts like the Sibaya Coastal Precinct owe much to their positioning along one of the country’s best pieces of coastline. The appeal of Sibaya extends further than its unbelievable natural beauty and sea-facing homes; Sibaya’s positioning in proximity to several key locations and nodes is what also adds to its value.

With security being an absolute must for the South African property market; property developers have to offer homes within physically secure environments while also doing what all they can to secure future value for property investors. The global stock market has become too volatile and has made many people re-think their investment portfolio, and whether sinking money into stocks will give them the security they want. Today, property has proven to be a stable asset class, and one that is gaining ground in South Africa for a host of reasons. Buying a property is an investment into a bricks-and-mortar asset, something you can touch and feel and something that will grow in value.

Previously, there have been barriers to entry when it comes to investing in property. However, as the economic climate changes so does the property market; and with a range of investment opportunities and price points South Africa is seeing its property market grow. One of the factors which has enabled more people to become property owners is the historically low interest rate. Currently at 7%, South Africa has not seen interest rates this low since the 1970s. Banks are also competing with one another to grant bonds, and this puts the bond applicant in the best position and enables them to negotiate terms. Today, the ball is in the property buyer’s court.

Investing in strategically located property, like those within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, is a way to grow your wealth and secure future value and retain equity upon sale of the property. The demand for homes within Sibaya is growing daily and this is evident through unprecedented sales rates achieved in very short timeframes, as well as the unbelievable value growth trajectory. Property within Sibaya has seen an average capital appreciation of 40% in less than 5 years.

Growing demand, coupled with amazing capital appreciation makes Sibaya an ideal investment location. This is further strengthened by its geographical positioning, holistic and thoughtful design, and a robust and proactive precinct management association.



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