How development at Sibaya is uplifting the community

Changes taking place at Sibaya Coastal Precinct are not only for those investing in property. The development throughout the entire Precinct will be to everyone’s benefit.

Under the Sibaya Precinct Master Management Association, teams have been created to help ensure that the area is secure, maintained and the indigenous nature is properly conserved. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is a unique mixed-use area that truly cares about connecting the community to nature.

Upgrading infrastructure
Throughout the Sibaya Coastal Precinct roads, stormwater drains, and electricity lines are being installed and established. These upgrades and developments will ensure that the area has sufficient foundations going forward for those who live, work and visit this node. The Heleza Boulevard is one of the key upgrades in Sibaya and is planned as the main road that links all the different sections of Sibaya together.

The green coastal belt outlining the front section of Sibaya is set to become part of a conservation trust. With the help of conservation specialists, there will be 350 hectares of conserved, maintained and secure forest pockets. Cleanliness From Umdloti, and all the way through to Umhlanga, the Sibaya Precinct Master Management Association teams work tirelessly to maintain clean, litter-free beach zones. Following torrential rains, the beaches are often left with washed up litter. The dedicated teams work with the Municipality in collecting and dumping all the plastic and debris cleaned up off these beaches.

The people working behind the scene are creating a secure and clean environment. They are passionate about nature and the development taking place within this precinct. Invest Sibaya has a dedicated sales centre for those of you who would like to visit the area and learn more about the opportunities created for business, residential living and visitors. Contact our Invest Sibaya Sales Centre to learn more.



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