Green is gold at Sibaya

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct development plans are mapped out and construction is already in full swing. One of the key responsibilities in curating this city of the future, has been to restore, protect and establish green spaces within this precinct. As it stands, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct will boast approximately 600 hectares of dedicated ‘green spaces’ and has established a number of organisations to ensure that nature is top priority in the mix of the transformation taking place.

Key players

A number of organisations have been set up in order to ensure nature is conserved. One of which is the Sibaya Coastal Precinct Conservation Trust who play a significant role in maintaining the environmental resources. Dr Richard Kinvig, a respected Ecologist and a member of the Board of Trustees, has drawn up an exclusive Conservation Management Plan for Sibaya and will gradually be implemented in line with the holistic development taking place in the area. Furthermore, there is also a dedicated Sibaya Coastal Precinct Management Association, who looks after the area from managing independent security companies to upgrading and maintaining facilities.

Natural assets on your doorstep

The Sibaya Coastal Precinct stretches across 1000 hectares and within this space you will find wetlands, beach, landscape and forest amongst residential and business offerings. One of the key features of Sibaya is the 350 hectares of protected coastal forest. Those who visit or live within this area, will be able to explore these routes safely. In total, Sibaya will have approximately 75km of trails, boardwalks and walkways created. There will be direct paths that lead towards the beach, where residents have access to 6,5km of beach, from estuary to estuary.

Sibaya has been divided into 7 nodes that will holistically and uniquely fuse conservation and protected natural assets, with cutting-edge property development. Register your interest to find out more about the developments launching in the near future.



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