Furnishing your investment property

What was an off-plan development that you invested in two years ago, has now come full circle with construction complete and the transfer of your property has taken place. Now that your investment is an empty shell, it is now an important time to fill it with the essentials, so you can start capitalising on it. There is a growing trend of using Airbnb in Durban and there is a 106% year-on-year growth of guest arrivals in Durban using Airbnb.

Cheaper is not always better

Although you are not decorating your property as your own, you should still invest in quality items that are built to last longer and are durable.  If you opt for cheaper items, you might find that you will spend more in the long run as you either replace or fix them.

Utilizing furnishing businesses

There are a number of furnishing companies that provide a basic or comprehensive package for furnishing your property from top to bottom. These services help make the planning and organising a lot easier and in some cases much more affordable than trying to find bargains in and around KwaZulu-Natal. The Set-up is an example of new furnishing services that has a range of options for investors; their packages have been proven to save at least 30% of the overall budget than if you were to go out and do this all yourself.

Maintain neutrals

There is a tendency to move towards light neutrals to make a small space seem bigger, however they become a lot harder to maintain as fingerprints and dark marks easily start appearing. The move towards darker neutrals is better, making spaces more inviting, warmer and easier to camouflage wear and tear.

Investing in residential property goes beyond finding the right location. The Sibaya Coastal Precinct is an in-demand area, however it is how you furnish your property that will truly make or break your investment and will certainly be the reason why people continue to come back.

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